LABLAB at Färgfabriken

LABLAB exhibits at the Open Studio at Färgfabriken Contemporary Art Centre 

By asking this question, we want to create the foundation for a language that reviews and explores the way we view and interact with our own understanding of the term “landscape” – because it is a term in constant transformation. Paradoxically, the word tends to be reduced to the concept of an archaic place, consisting of raw materials or conceptions of a common heritage that binds together the land and the people who perceive themselves as creators of it.
The open studio method – where creative thought is exposed while still being in a state of process – offers a unpredictable and fickle opportunity to develop the meaning of the term “landscape” as well as a space where we can dare to recreate the term through intuition and an analytical viewpoint.
The image and landscape are deeply intertwined. Through the perception of a landscape as a source of heritage, a memory has been formed and reproduced. Thus generating new and larger communities beyond the everyday connections between individuals.
Dalarna in Sweden constitutes the point of departure for this creative excursion. It is both a landscape as well as the landscape which so many, both inside and outside of its borders, connect with the general definition of the term. Our goal is to explore the border between the perception of Dalarna from its own point of view, and the perception of Dalarna through the eyes of the outsider. Most of all, we are interested in exploring how the two perceptions relate to one another. What kind of seismic activity could occur when these two perceptions are made to interact?


Dalarna Mapping

In this ongoing survey, we have chosen to categorize these maps according to the theme of tourism, administration, network and topography.