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This Life – Why Mortality Makes Us Free. The new book by Martin Hägglund, just make sure to read it!

On March 16, 2020, ArtNews published a sober review of Rem Koolhaas’s ‘Countryside’ Exhibition at the Guggenheim: ”It savors quirkiness over relevance, landing just outside questions of present urgency. Populism and waning globalism are neatly brushed away as “only the most obvious effects” of rural neglect. https://news.artnet.com/exhibitions/rem-koolhaas-countryside-guggenheim-1802067


Osebol av Marit Kapla: Ett otroligt starkt vittnesbörd från utmaningarna och kraften i landsbygderna.

I sitt efterord skriver hon om betydelsen av det rumsliga för vår identitet: ”Var börjar jag…var slutar jag? Och var börjar platsen omkring mig?” Läs den bara!

Marit Kapla. 2019: ”Osebol”. Teg Publishing.

Is the countryside becoming a new consumption circuit, with the function of preserving what the city destroys? Or is it an imaginative space and object of lifestyle for some? If so, is the rural community at risk of being excluded from its origins as part of the reinvention discourse? Whatever it is, the transformation of a countryside is in the eye of the beholder. As humans we search for “imaginative geographies” (Said 1978/1995) with symbolic representation of a space in accordance with our wishes or ideas. As Oltmanns writes, “a space that governs the collective and individual perception”.

Claudia Oltmanns. 2016: ”Rurality in a Society of Cities”, ”RURALISM, The future of Villages and Small Towns in an Urbanizing World”.

Despite taking up 98% of the world’s surface and being home to 50% of it’s population, the countryside is today’s ”terra incognita”. Stephan Petermann points to the resourcefulness and inspiration that the countryside really is and what a critical role in our sustainable development it plays.  Stephan Petermann, OMA/AMO. 2016: ”Hinterland”, ”RURALISM, The future of Villages and Small Towns in an Urbanizing World”.

”It is essential to the development of society to be conscious of its living space.”

To observe and understand what is there already, accept the existing situation and reinforce present trends, in order to paint a picture of future typologies.

Switzerland An Urban Portrait. 2006. ETH Studio Basel.