Countryside Unfolds

The European countryside is today as complex and globalized as the city! However, it continues to be a space deeply affected by the perception of being a localized space, thus reproducing historical patterns of urban occupation with questionable impact on today’s design practice. 

Countryside Unfolds is a cross-disciplinary approach focusing on those spaces we define as countryside(s) or as rural areas. Through this cross-disciplinary methodology, we expect to unfold our own knowledge and perceptions related to this growing phenomenon.

We ask ourselves when did the countryside become such a major source of resources for the ever-growing city and how is it possible that such mental and physical acts of occupation still are able to proceed today? And what are the social, political and spatial impacts of a historically dysfunctional relationship between the urban and rural upon Europe? But far more important, what kind of new border philosophy do we need to develop and apply in order to re-program perceptions and the architectural practice?