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A research and design think tank dedicated to understanding the social, ecological and spatial transitions.


LABLAB explores the potential of linking theory and practice to identify and work within new classifications and configurations of the built and unbuilt environments. Disciplines, expertise and experience coalesce in cross-sectorial and trans-disciplinary collaborations to move beyond existing means of interpretation and innovation.


Rosenlundsgatan 38
118 53 Stockholm
Daniel Urey
Alexander Marek
Christina Hoffmann
Ebba Landén Helmbold

The story about us is strongly related to the social, ecological and spatial transformations of our environment. LABLAB is not about us, but rather about all of us. As a research and design think tank our ambition is to link theory and practice in correlation with the spatial shiftings in the Nordic and Baltic Sea Region.
From our point of view there are no more borders between urban and rural, between local and global, or between digitalization and spatial transitions. The only remaining borders, are the those ones that still makes us believe in a solid state of modernity.