Open Studio


Open Studio is an inclusive, experimental, critical,

and place-specific method.

An open communication based on sharing will travel beyond borders: organizational, spatial, human, local and national. Communication makes up the foundation for open, creative, and experimental methods – and a coherent narrative – in finding our way through important social, ecological and spatial transitions.


New knowledge and innovations generated through Open Studio are communicated throughout, thus re:enforcing the process. Communication is the game-changer in sharing new knowledge and innovation, not only with those involved, but also with those outside. Using communication as a tool to help forming value will work progressively in social, ecological and spatial transitions. But will also help to build trust, interest and dialogue necessary to enable knowledge and innovation to be shared, accrued and reshaped in additional and new constellations, in new local, regional, national and planetary spaces.


Open Studio Keywords:

Focus on generating strategic confluence between the local, regional and global.

View opportunities and challenges in a regional and international context.

Create cross-sectorial collaborations charged towards one or more specific topics.

Strive to unite spatial and strategic communication.