Urban Studies at the Estonian Academy of Arts

The Master of Urban Studies is a two-year, English-language program focused on contemporary urbanism. The program combines history, theory and practice to rethink prevailing understandings of urbanization, and to contribute to building more equitable urbanisms. The subject of urban studies is irreducible to the “city”: the global urban arena today, more than ever before, is where struggles over our collective future play out.

This transdisciplinary program builds on insights from critical urban geography, urban planning and architectural history. Themes addressed in the program include housing and gentrification; urban nature and ecology; infrastructure and global networks. Urban Studies will introduce you to the basics of urban design and planning, as well as to a range of skills such as how to conduct a field work, write about urbanism and develop urban strategies.

The art school/architectural department where you will study provide a great environment to combine critical thought and creative imagination.