Collaboration is key a momentum for LABLAB. Being a research and design think tank requires dedication and a bold ability to develop methodology for spatial re:orientation. The foundation for such methodology is a cross-sectorial and trans-disciplinary mindset.

Are you are interested in a partnership with the goal of generating new know-how about our environment? LABLAB is always on the lookout for new collaborations.


Hilbig Institute, Linnalabor, Goethe Institute, Peter Lang Royal Art Institute Research- Lab, Frances Hsu Texas University Faculty of Architecture, Umeå Arkitekthögskolan, Estonian University of Life Sciences, SLU Alnarp, Region Dalarna, Architecture of Migration, Region Skåne, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Swedish Institute, Chalmers University of Technology, Energiforsk

Internship at LABLAB?

If you are a student looking for an internship and interested in cross-disciplinary environments, feel free to contact us at LABLAB. Journalist, political science, graphic designer, architect, urban planner, you name it. Any kind of field is interesting when we continue to develop new ways for understanding our environments.The only requirement we have is that you are curious and ready to combine your internship between team work and independent work. Nevertheless, life becomes more easy for you if the internship is covered by your academic program or a scholarship. Let’s not forget we are operating in Stockholm which is not the cheapest town among towns!

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Our dearest previous and current interns are:

Ebba Landén Helmbold
Research and design of Open Studio Dalarna.

Ursula Nill
Research and design of Bright Futures.

Kate O’ Connor
Research and author of The Dark Side of the Centrumand Landscape and Cables.

Birgitta Rühling
Research and design on culture, health and mobility + member of the curatorial team for Hinterland at the Symbiosis exhibition at Färgfabriken Contemporary Art Centre, Stockholm.

Chloé Tiziani
Research and design on the impact of electrification on landscapes.

Lamia Ahmed
Research and design on the energy landscapes in Bangladesh.

Johanna Frohm
Research and design on Spectacles of the Countrysides.

Mahum Ahmad
Research and design on Silent Cries and The Metabolism of Coal.

Sara Andrén
Research and co-curator of the exhibition Betraktad at Virserums Konsthall