The Climate We Experience.

︎ Social transitions
︎ Ecological transitions
︎ Spatial transitions
︎ Un-built environments
︎ Built environments

How do we experience climate and how do we communicate climate. Peter Lang and LABLAB strongly believe that we need diverse kinds of communicative efforts to speak about climate and about the necessity of a common understanding. This is a serie of illustrations made by Peter Lang with an allegoric attempt to catch what seems to be apparently understandable yet also questioning the notion of while we continue with business as usual…

PETER LANG: The joint project analysing and responding to the impact of climate change on the architecture profession and beyond, brings together the LABLAB thinktank and R-Lab N_A, the exploratory platform I launched back in 2017 at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (KKH).

Furthermore, John Thackara, the brilliant design visionary who is committed to reasoning through technology, society and current climate challenges, wrote that “we need to have new ways of looking at the world and to act; to have an new sustainable aesthetic…” Writing in 2005, in his book “In the Bubble, Designing in a Complex World” he went on to observe that “aesthetics creates the necessity, but design supplies the means.” Thackara is suggesting a “visceral” level of communicating, one that is fundamentally realizable. In partnering with LABLAB, I am hoping to merge these two ambitions, to think both critically and viscerally. LABLAB has this level of experience and shares the potential for our pursuing highly experimental proposals and solutions for what is yet to come.